New eBook: 11 Answers to Your Important Questions About Customer Experience and Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs)

Your guide to digital transformation technology

Learn the what, why and how of DXPs in our new eBook

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Productive Edge A Customer Experience, Digital Strategy and Technology services company headquartered in Chicago, IL with enterprise Fortune 1000 partners around the world. 

Customers don’t just buy the product or service you offer. They also buy the experience you deliver.  

In response to accelerating marketplace change, and with the goal of offering a personalized, consistent and differentiated customer experience across all touchpoints, today’s smartest organizations are undergoing a digital transformation.  

And a new category of enterprise software, the digital experience platform (DXP), makes it possible.  

Our brand-new ebook, “11 Answers,” takes a close look at DXPs and how converged technologies allow forward-thinking organizations to create a seamless customer experience for every customer in every interaction on every device in every channel. 

 “11 Answers” defines DXPs, and answers your who, what and why questions, including…

• Why invest in DXP now? • What kind of organization should implement a DXP? • Who in the enterprise should own the DXP? • What are the keys to DXP success?  

For insight on how to transform your organization’s customer experience, download “11 Answers” now.