What You'll Learn Inside

  • The 3 big content marketing problems that experts have finally solved (there hasn’t been an “all-inclusive” solution to these 3 frustrating issues, until now)
  • How to conduct an unbiased evaluation of your marketing organization to determine what will be successful for you BEFORE making the commitment
  • Why investing in DXP software now could give your organization a significant advantage over the competition in 2019 and beyond (and what could happen if you don’t)
  • The “tough questions” you must ask any DXP provider. If they can’t answer these, it’s time to find another partner
  • Real world data. What ROI can you realistically expect from adopting a digital experience platform? 

Productive Edge A Customer Experience, Digital Strategy and Technology services company headquartered in Chicago, IL with enterprise Fortune 1000 partners around the world. 

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